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Upcoming Hack-and-Slash Title Project Eve Looks Gorgeous

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During today’s PlayStation Showcase, you would have been forgiven for not recognizing the second game shown: Project Eve. It’s an upcoming hack-and-slash action title that’s largely flown under the radar up til now, but an extended trailer shown today gave a better look at its combat, story, and beautiful musical accompaniment.

Project Eve has been known about for a while now, having been announced way back in 2019 with a teaser from its developer, Korean studio Shift Up, which is founded by Blade & Soul character designer Kim Hyung Tae.

Its story follows a young woman who appears to be some kind of android existing in a post-apocalypse, at one point in the trailer learning about what a subway system used to be through a friendly voice in her ear. In the broken world, Eve explores and fights off strange monsters called NA-tives who have invaded earth.

Though shown in the PlayStation Showcase, Project Eve was also originally announced for Xbox One and PC, so we’ll likely see it on those platforms eventually as well. Unfortunately, the trailer today did not give any new information about a release date or window, so we may have to wait a while before we learn more about what Project Eve is all about.

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