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Valheim, The Latest Gaming Sensation, Reaches 3 Million Copies Sold

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The Norse-inspired PC multiplayer game Valheim has crossed another major sales milestone. Just days after achieving 2 million in sales in under two weeks, the PC game is now up to 3 million copies sold.

Developer Iron Gate announced the news in a post on Steam. The game is growing fast, as the company announced the 2 million sales milestone just a few days ago.

The five-person studio also celebrated how Valheim now has more than 60,000 reviews on Steam that are classified as “overwhelmingly positive,” helping boost the game into Steam’s top 250 best-reviewed games of all time (it sits at 78th now).

Iron Gate also boasted that Valheim has achieved more than 20 million hours of viewing, which speaks to the the popularity of the game on Twitch and other video streaming sites.

In terms of daily players, Steam’s own public data page shows that Valheim had more than 390,550 concurrent players on February 18, which put it into the top five most-played games on Steam.

Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson said in a statement that he always imagined that Valheim’s early access launch would be “somewhat successful,” so the studio isn’t changing plans as the result of the big sales numbers. However, Svensson remarked that Iron Gate now has enough money buy a bigger office space if it chooses to.

Svensson also said he has enjoyed seeing the community creations surrounding Valheim.

“I really love when fans make paintings, music and other creative works inspired by Valheim. I guess I like to inspire people to create stuff”

Valheim is published by Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain’s publishing division. The head of Coffee Stain’s publishing arm, Albert Säfström, said about the new sales milestone, “THREE MILLION?!! Already?”

He added: “This level of success is uncharted territory for Coffee Stain.”

Säfström pointed out that it’s a good thing that Coffee Stain hired former Minecraft business manager Daniel Kaplan, because his expertise will help Coffee Stain sustain and support Valheim in the future. “We’re excited to be on this journey together,” Säfström said.

If you’re struggling early on trying to survive in Valheim, we’ve rounded up some Valheim beginner tips that should help you out. These include the tips you need to build, repair, improve your skills, and acquire more resources. You might also be interested in our Valheim armor guide to help you outfit your character to survive.

Looking ahead, Iron Gate has a lot more in store for Valheim, including more biomes, mini-bosses, and plenty of recipes to keep you busy.

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