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Walkthrough component 35 – Rena component 2 – memories of stand up Gameplay Walkthrough

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This is part 35 of IGN’s stories of stand up gameplay walkthrough. Alphen, Shionne, and the others push via Tarfhal Helgarahi and fight their very last war. This video will cover the second 1/2 of the very last dungeon, the final boss, and the stories of stand up credit.&#thirteen;

00:00 – Gameplay place: Tarfhal Helgarahi – decrease stage 2F&#thirteen;
03:forty four – Gameplay area: Tarfhal Helgarahi – decrease degree 3F&#thirteen;
20:49 – Gameplay region: Astral strength Convergence area
21:sixteen – Gameplay location: Earth Astral energy Separator&#thirteen;
27:15 – Gameplay region: light Astral energy Separator
34:52 – Gameplay region: Wind Astral power Separator&#thirteen;
Forty two:56 – Gameplay area: Water Astral electricity Separator&#thirteen;
Forty three:24 – Boss: Swords Dancer segment 1&#thirteen;
Forty nine:forty – Boss: Swords Dancer section 2
54:03 – Gameplay vicinity: fireplace Astral power Separator
57:21 – Gameplay place: darkish Astral strength Separator
1:03:11 – Gameplay region: Astral strength Convergence zone
1:03:20 – The very last factor of No return&#thirteen;
1:03:forty two – Cutscene: No Turning again&#thirteen;
1:05:57 – Cutscene: The middle of the Astral movement
1:10:38 – Boss: super Astral Spirit segment 1&#thirteen;
1:20:forty – Cutscene: it is nevertheless standing!
1:21:forty eight – Cutscene: it’s converting shape?
1:22:forty five – Boss: Minor Enemy Gauntlet
1:27:19 – Cutscene: pressured Its Hand&#thirteen;
1:28:32 – Boss: incredible Astral Spirit segment 2&#thirteen;
1:34:33 – Cutscene: The awesome Spirit Is Reviving Itself!&#thirteen;
1:39:06 – very last Boss: Vholran Igniseri&#thirteen;
1:forty four:39 – animated ending 1&#thirteen;
1:53:18 – Partial credit&#thirteen;
1:fifty six:32 – animated finishing 2&#thirteen;
1:58:42 – complete credits
For extra, take a look at out IGN’s full tales of get up manual: https://www.Ign.Com/wikis/tales-of-rise up

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