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Weapon Of desire – a ways Cry 6 Walkthrough

by arun809097
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This video is IGN’s far Cry 6 gameplay walkthrough of the operation Weapon Of desire. For greater some distance Cry 6 hints and walkthroughs, test out our complete manual on IGN: https://www.Ign.Com/wikis/a long way-cry-6/&#thirteen;
00:00 Meet with Yelena&#thirteen;
01:00 Meet the guerrillas at the l. A. Joya Refinery&#thirteen;
01:30 break into McKay’s refinery
02:35 Fins the refinery manipulate terminal&#thirteen;
03:25 Hack the refinery manipulate terminal
04:40 set off the guide override switch&#thirteen;
05:00 escape the refinery

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