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WeWork’s notorious founder were given HBO Max to tweak a documentary approximately him

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Months after HBO Max unique docuseries era Hustle debuted at the carrier, a group representing WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann says the streamer has changed a few language in an episode that mapped the startup’s rise and brilliant loss of life.

In a press release despatched to a staffer at The Verge earlier this week, defamation lawyer Thomas A. Clare — who now represents the regarded tequila fanatic and stated aspiring immortal — introduced that HBO Max had altered elements of a generation Hustle episode, titled “Cult of WeWork,” in addition to its description at the HBO Max website online.

previously, the display’s description said it mixed “real-crime capers with clean, glossy memories of charismatic fakes” and “colourful imposters,” in keeping with a version of the web site archived on Wayback machine. Each the characterization of the collection as “authentic crime” and the aforementioned description of its topics have considering the fact that been removed.

The service also modified language in the end cards proven in the episode by means of specifying that at the same time as Neumann is being investigated, “no criminal or regulatory expenses had been filed.” The episode additionally now consists of language that WeWork is getting ready to head public. Even as the language within the playing cards and the display’s and outline had been updated, a spokesperson for the HBO Max told The Verge that no alterations had been made to the episode itself. deadline in advance suggested on the changes.

“HBO did the right issue here by directly retracting these false implications approximately Adam and the history of WeWork, and we applaud the community for taking those responsible steps,” Clare, Neumann’s legal professional, stated in a announcement. “The media has repeatedly gotten the tale of Adam wrong, and we are hoping these accountable steps with the aid of a reputable outlet will help placed an cease to the mischaracterizations of Adam’s a hit function in growing a transformational enterprise.”

An HBO Max spokesperson informed The Verge that Clare’s conflation of the changes with HBO — rather than HBO Max — become wrong. The organization had no in addition comment to share on Wednesday.

when asked by using The Verge why the edits had been announced almost six months after the show’s most reliable in April, a spokesperson for Neumann’s group stated that the adjustments have been made “inside the previous few days.” Neumann retained his defamation suggest on January 14th of 2021, consistent with the spokesperson.

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