What if every CS:GO map was Nuke?
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What if every CS:GO map was Nuke?

by arun809097
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There are a lot of maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But most of them aren’t Nuke—and if you really, really like Nuke, that could be a problem. Thankfully, one mapper has been giving some of CS:GO’s most iconic maps a Nuke-themed makeover, reimagining Cache, Office and Mirage as sterile nuclear power plants.

Designed by mapmaker Henge, the three maps (Nache, Noffice and Nirage) were shown off in depth by CS:GO YouTuber 3KliksPhilip earlier this week. This isn’t a quick asset swap, either—and while Source’s mapping tools do let you bulk replace textures, Henge has gone to great lengths to give each map the proper Nuke treatment.

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