Where to find the rope gun for the zipline in Sons of the Forest

The rope gun is the tool you’ll need to grab if you want to zipline your way to that shovel.

Sons of the forest - a player holds a rope gun loaded with an anchor while standing in the forest

Finding the rope gun in Sons of the Forest is a crucial step in uncovering its secrets. You’ll have noticed early on that there are spots to dig at points of interest, likely wondering about the shovel location, only to then realize that both the rebreather location and the rope gun for the zipline are prerequisites for unearthing the crucial shovel.

The rope gun is found deep inside a cave marked on your GPS map that’s halfway between the mountains and the western coast of the island. Check the map here for the exact location, or use this interactive sons of the Forest map to help locate it, and then we’ll walk through the long and dangerous trek you’ll need to take through the dark.

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How to get the rope gun in Sons of the Forest 

Before you set out, be aware that this cave is rather stacked with enemies so make sure you’ve got the health and weapons needed to survive.

At the first large cavern inside, head to the left side and walk up the ridge of a small split room until you reach two dead bodies and a very gnarly, squealing monster wedged inside a narrow cavern opening. There are two time bombs lying beside one of the dead workers, which you’ll want to pick up and chuck at that enemy to clear the way forward. 

After that, it’s a long, long walk through lots and lots of enemies to arrive at the rope gun. There are two forks in the path to beware of.

At the first fork: keep left towards the tunnel with lumps of ore coating its sides.At the second fork: keep right towards the low-ceilinged stalactite area with standing water.

Here’s what each of the important forks in your path will look like:

Image 1 of 4Sons of the Forest - a very dar cave viewed from above of a ledge.It’s tough to see, but once you’re inside, head to the left. (Image credit: Endnight Games)Sons of the Forest - a player holds a time bomb and aims at a large slimey monster wedged inside a crevice.Use those time bombs to blow up this monster of flesh. (Image credit: Endnight Games)Sons of the Forest - a cave wall covered with geometric ore clusters.At the next fork in the path, take a left towards the ore clusters. (Image credit: Endnight Games)Sons of the Forest - a low-ceilinged stalagtite cavern.At the next fork, head towards the stalactites that narrow into a very low ceiling. (Image credit: Endnight Games)

If it feels like you’ve been walking forever, I know, me too. Even on peaceful difficulty this felt like a trek. In normal mode it’s full of those dangerous open-chest creatures, the small babies that leap at you, and other horrors you’ll be familiar with if you’ve done a bit of spelunking on the island already.

You’ll eventually reach the top of a cliff where an open case on the ground to your left holds the rope gun waiting for you. Like the rebreather, you’ll use your new gear to escape the cave. Equip the gun and shoot it once towards the bottom of the cave and the second shot just over your own head, using the line that’s already in place as your guide.

With the rope gun in your possession, you are now free to zipline as you please. Your next order of business will be using it and the rebreather to hunt down the shovel location.

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