Fortnite Spire Quest: Find The Thief And Play The Last Log
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Where To Find The Thief And Play The Last Log For Fortnite Spire Quest

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If you’re the type to chase every challenge Fortnite throws your way, you’ll notice that the first Spire Quest is now available. This challenge appears to vary, with different tasks given to different players. While we investigate that further, if you’ve been given the Spire Quest involving the “thief,” this guide is for you.

In this two-part challenge, you’ll need to find the thief and play the last log, but the game doesn’t tell you more than that. Follow our guide and you’ll be a step closer to completing all of Fortnite Season 6’s Spire Quests, earning a bunch of XP along the way to unlocking Raz’s alternate style.

Stage 1: Find The Thief

The unnamed thief in the challenge menu is actually Raz himself, one of the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass characters. He’s also an NPC you can find in any given match, and since you’ll want to chat with him, drop into Colossal Crops, just east of The Spire at the center of the map. Head to the location you see in the image below and Raz will be there waiting to help out.

Go through his dialogue options regarding The Spire until you’ve read them all. That will complete the first part of this Spire Quest, to find the thief, but it opens up a second section we’ve detailed below.

Stage 2: Play The Last Log

Raz will instruct you to listen to an audio log after you’re done chatting, and thankfully, it’s not far at all. Head downstairs from where Raz hangs out and look for the new audio log near a wall of the hut. Play it, then return to Raz and talk to him once more. He’ll have a bit more to say, and when he’s finished, you’ll have completed the first of several Spire Quests of the season.

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Stage 3: Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests

This next section should be pretty straightforward. All you’ll need to do is complete five total uncommon or rarer quests. Uncommon quests are marked with the color green in the quest log, and those better include Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (orange). Hitting three of your Daily Quests will give you a great headstart as they’re of the Uncommon rarity. After that, refer to your own quest log and see what you’re close to achieving. If you need to boost things like catching fish or getting assists, Team Rumble is a great mode for those sorts of objectives, among others.

We’ll update this guide with more information on this Spire Quest once we work through it some more ourselves.

The in-game menu reveala more quests of this nature are on the way every two weeks, so check back once each one goes live and we’ll be sure to have the guides waiting for you. For more on what else came with this week’s update, read the version 16.10 patch notes.

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