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You can eventually smell Like Sonic With Sega’s New Cologne

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Sega ecu just announced an exciting new product: cologne! The company partnered with Numskull Designs to convey the tremendous smells of its most iconic franchises to fans.

There are three colognes to be had at the Sega eu save: Shenmue, Yakuza, and Sonic. The Shenmue one is known as “Tobacco and Gold” and has a combination of scents along with cardamom, bergamot, and orris, at the side of a patchouli base.

The Yakuza cologne is known as “Bourbon and Smoke” and contains scents like antique oak, cedarwood, beeswax infused with smoky bourbon, leathery rose, and pimento.

“Blue Blur” is the Sonic cologne, and its fragrances encompass clean citrus, grapefruit zest, Mediterranean lemon, and Caribbean lime. It is crowned off with ocean breeze, melon fade, leather-based, suede, and cedar scents.

every bottle fills as much as 100ml/3.38 fl oz.And prices approximately 30 Euros. Currently, they’re to be had for preorder and are expected to launch in December. Alas, they best seem in an effort to deliver to territories within the ecu. The Sega US keep does not have those in inventory both.

In other related news, Sega is currently working on Yakuza 8, as well as a new IP out of doors of the Yakuza and Judgment franchises. The name of the brand new Sonic recreation could be discovered quickly too, as Sega lately filed a hallmark for the name “Sonic Frontiers.”

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