You can skip Halo Infinite's 'unskippable' intro by simply deleting it
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You can skip Halo countless’s ‘unskippable’ intro by way of certainly deleting it

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Unskippable intro films: you hate them, I hate them, and yet recreation developers insist on reminding us who made the game we are playing the fortieth time we boot it up. I have released Halo infinite some dozen instances due to the fact that its launch, which means that i’ve seen its unskippable 20-2d intro video enough to waste six minutes of my lifestyles. If nothing is performed, that could grow to be an hour this time subsequent year!

fortunately, if you’re playing on Steam, there is a short and surgical way around Halo’s pesky scheduled viewings: simply freaking delete them.

As first spotted with the aid of Jason Lamb on Twitter, it seems Halo countless’s intro scenes are just MP4 documents sitting in the game’s directory: one for a 20-2d logo reel, an extended 1:46 shot of mountains the sport performs even as it finishes loading the principle menu, and a few others for tutorials and credit.

Deleting the brand video and then launching the sport will skip directly to the primary menu as soon as it’s executed loading (the game commonly loads inside the heritage for the duration of the video, but my laptop finishes loading lengthy before the stop of it).

(image credit score: destiny)

here’s how to find the Halo limitless intro video (Steam version) and delete it:

  • In Steam, proper click Halo infinite and select properties
  • pick neighborhood files
  • pick Browse
  • locate the folder titled “movies”
  • Delete the MP4 titled “intro”

shooting the video into the solar is truly the fastest way to get to Halo’s important menu, but in case you need to have a few a laugh, you can also update the default intro video with regardless of the heck you need. As long as the new video has the same name because the defaults, it’ll play.

Lamb’s example above of a quick Shrek clip is pretty darn proper, but I went with an intro inspired by a famous television display i’ve been watching for the first time.

Sound on for improved effect.

I advocate making a replica of the video before deleting it (or you could simply flow it out of the folder), simply so that you can easily add it again if wished. If it is certainly long gone and you need it to go back for a few reason, a brief record integrity test on Steam have to apprehend the video is gone and redownload it.

there may be additionally a solid risk the sport will routinely redownload the films (or lock us out of the folder) the following time Halo infinite receives a big patch, but i will pass that bridge when i am getting there.

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